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NEW! Challenge Response Anti-spam System

Keyway's Challenge Response System creates a virtually 100% spam-free enviroment! By shifting the burdon of validity from the recipient to the sender, your in-box will be free of unsolicited e-mail sent by anonymous sources including viruses and spammers.

>> now beta testing, contact us for a free 30 day trial <<

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Plan: Yearly $15/yr Monthly $1.99/mo

How Challenge Response Works

Spammers send e-mails to millions of recipients, and do not have the time to respond to each of them. Viruses also send e-mails at a rapid pace, and do not have the ability to respond to each of them. A legitimate sender has both the time and the ability to confirm they want to send you an e-mail. Here is how Challenge Response takes advantage of this environment:

Example: When Sender Sam transmits an e-mail to Recipeint Rachel, Keyway's Challenge Response system will check Sam's e-mail address against a list of authorized recipients. Here are the potential results and associated actions:

  • Whitelested: Sam's e-mail address is pre-approved by Rachel as a valid sender, and the e-mail is delivered to Rachel without interruption.
  • Blacklisted: Sam's e-mail address has been predetermined by Rachel to be a known source of unsolicited e-mail, and the e-mail is automatically deleted.
  • Unknown: Sam's e-mail address does not appear on the whitelist nor the blacklist, and a Challenge e-mail is generated. Until Sam responds to the challenge, his note will be held in Rachel's "Pending" folder.


While Keyway's Challenge Response system automates the cleanliness of your in-box, you retain the ability to manage your e-mail as necessary.

  • View e-mails in queue (pending response to challenge) and deliver or delete manually.
  • Add or remove whitelist and blacklist e-mail addresses
  • Add in bulk e-mail addressses to your approved whitelist
  • No additional user software required

Click here for more information on Keyway E-mail.


Need shelter from unsolicited e-mail? Stop drowning in anonymous e-mail sent by viruses and spammers... add Keyway's Challenge Response System today!

Only $1.99 /mo. per e-mail box

Special: $15 one-year prepaid

Bulk discounts are available, please inquire.


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