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Your service includes free no-hold support from our expert staff technicians. We stand ready to assist you Monday through Friday, 8am to 7pm. Call our technical staff at (909) 933-3699 or e-mail us via our support page.


Your Keyway e-mail is accessible from any computer, anywhere in the world. Simply go to our Webmail login page for unlimited use our most popular e-mail software, free for all Keyway clients. Try it now:

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Spam Blockers

All Keyway e-mail accounts are equipped with premium-class spam filters, meaning your in-box has never been cleaner. You can view your quarantined spam e-mail in your Webmail Trash folder.

Virus Detection and Elimination

Keyway stops virus-infected e-mail before it reaches your in-box. This premium-class service will dramatically improve the security of your computer. Keyway also strongly recommends the use of local virus protection software for your computer.

Family-Safe Content

To assist in avoiding pornographic sites and other web based material which may be found inappropriate, Keyway recommends the use of We-Blocker. It is free to use and provides the ability to filter content and block web sites.

Controlling Unsolicited E-mail

For additional control over spam or unsolicited e-mail Keyway recommends the use of Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail client. Thunderbird is fully customizable and provides the most effective tools for detecting and auto-filtering junk mail. The software can import your Outlook files, and is free to download.

Pop-up Blockers

Keyway does not force pop-up advertising. In fact, we recommend the use of Mozilla's Firefox browser to eliminate web-generated pop-up ads. It is free to use and does not allow pop-up advertising to appear on your screen. Additionally, Mozilla provides a more secure browsing environment because the majority of viral activity attacks vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Internet Explorer.


Internet sites that you visit, as well as your own software, will send and receive communication via your Internet connection -- sometimes maliciously and without your knowledge. Keyway recommends ZoneLab's Zone Alarm to block unauthorized communication. It is free to use and will improve the security of your computer.

Spyware Removal

Spyware is unknowingly installed on your computer by downloading software, using file-sharing services, or simply by visiting malicious websites. Spyware monitors user activity via the Internet and can transmit sensitive information to outside recipients. Keyway recommends Lavasoft's Ad-Aware (free) to remove spyware from your computer.

Personal Web Page

You now have your own personal space on the Internet! Click here for instruction on setting up your own web page.