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Try Urchin Web Reporting with your current hosting service, free for one month!

If you wish to keep the reporting service at only $5 per month, simply continue using it. If you wish to discontinue the service, please email prior to the expiration of your one-month free trial.

To start your free trial please call us at 909-933-3699.

Free Trial - New Accounts

Please select a hosting package and contact Keyway sales to place your new order. Urchin's site statistics will be complimentary for your first month of service.


Keyway is proud to offer Urchin -- Enterprise quality web reporting for marketers, CEOs, web designers, retailers, and IT professionals.   This service provides you with a top-tier visitor traffic analysis and reporting tool designed to provide critical insight on your web site's visitor activity.  To use Urchin, all you need is your Web browser.

Cost: $5.00/month per site, or $40.00 per site, per year if prepaid.
Contact us today for a free one-month trial!

You'll have answers to questions such as...

  • Which network are my visitors coming from?
  • What types of files are requested the most frequently?
  • How did visitors find my site?
  • What search engines are bringing people in?
  • Which keywords are bringing traffic?
  • Are visitors using current enough browsers to view my content?
  • What paths are people taking through my site?

Urchin reports include:

  • Unique visitors and sessions, visitors and sessions by day, visitor loyalty, session frequency, and traffic summary
  • Sessions, pageviews, hits, bytes, and visitor summary
  • Requested pages, downloads, page query terms, posted forms, status and errors, hits and bytes downloaded per directory, file, and file type
  • Entrance pages, exit pages, click paths, click to and click from, length of pageview, depth of session, and length of session
  • Referrals, search terms, search engines, and referral errors
  • Domains, Countries, and IP addresses
  • Browsers, platforms, and robots

To request Urchin for your web site -- email us or call 888-2-KEYWAY




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